• Updated:2021-12-15 16:16:05
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  • Borrower:Catherine Dizon
  • Location:Mabalacat, Pampanga
  • Need Amount:$50,000
  • Collateral:None
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My dad and 4 other loved ones died this year, causing us to have a financial setback and I can definitely bounce back since my earnings from my job are good. I just need a little financial help or push for me to be able to get back again. I'm also still trying to process my dad's benefits and pension in Crame but it's just taking too long :(

My dad was only 65years old, a retired officer of PNP and was really healthy when suddenly he died of a stroke while he was trying to set up a family vacation house near a waterfall in our province of Romblon. He didn't have cash on him and was all in the bank. That's why I needed to pay for his funeral and other bills on my own.

We're expecting to get the money from his savings, insurance, properties, assets, and even pension once everything is processed and settled with the government offices, insurance companies and banks. But they're requiring us to submit a PSA copy of his death certificate. Unfortunately, it takes up to 8 months before a PSA-certified copy of the death certificate will become available.

And so I'm seeking help here while we're still waiting for the PSA copy of the death certificate. Me and my husband are both working. HIm as a public school teacher, while I'm a trainer in a call center. Both of us earn enough money but are behind with our bills and mortgage payment after paying for my dad's funeral and my baby's funeral and hospital bills.

Hope someone could lend us even just for a few months until we're back on our feet or until we get the funds from my dad's benefits and such. TYIA

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